Smart Speakers are encouraging podcast listening

The proof is in the numbers, and these numbers reveal that smart speakers encourage more audio listening.

In June this year, Edison Research and NPR released findings of The Smart Audio Report  which offered the first in-depth look at the behaviours and attitudes of Americans who already have smart speaker devices in their homes.

The survey revealed the following insights into podcast listening via smart speakers:

  • 70% of respondents agree that they are listening to more audio since purchasing their smart speaker
  • Smart speaker owners listen to 20% more podcasts with an average of 1hour 22 minutes of podcasts listened to in the typical week
  • 17% of those using a smart speaker said they use it for listening to podcasts

And for those surveyed who were asked why they were considering purchasing a smart speaker – 40% of respondents selected the reason ‘listening to podcasts’.

But why are smart speakers encouraging more audio listening?

At BE Media Production, we believe there’s three key reasons for this trend:

  1. Accessibility – The easier it is to search for, download and play a podcast the more likely you are to do so. Using the voice command to ask Alexa to “play Dirty John Episode 2”, is far simpler than unlocking your phone, opening your podcast app, scrolling through to Dirty John then loading the episode.
  2. Convenience – In an age of multi-tasking, listening to a podcast via your Google Home speaker whilst doing the dishes or folding the washing is far easier than trying to navigate those tasks with headphones in and a smart phone strapped to some part of your body. It also makes the listening experience a family affair, rather than one that isolates you from others.
  3. Intimacy – We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. There is nothing more intimate and connected than listening to the voice of someone you respect and trust one-on-one!

It is predicted more than half of American households will use internet-connected, smart speakers to carry out their tasks just five years from now – and technology-friendly Australians were also likely to embrace smart speakers.

Are you planning on purchasing a smart speaker in the near future? If so, let us know what you’ll be using it for.