Podcast STUDIO - Podcast Production - SoundCartel

Our place or yours?

SoundCartel has a purpose-built, in-house podcast recording studio in Melbourne featuring a separate recording booth and edit suites.

Our Melbourne podcast studio is fitted with state-of-the-art pieces of equipment and acoustic foam panels. We record and mix, creating a podcast using high-quality AKG C414 condenser dynamic microphones with shock mounts, pop filters and boom arms, reducing background noises for a comfortable experience.

The main edit suite of production service is fitted with a ProTools HDX Audio Interface, perfect for podcasting and C24 Control Surface ensuring the sound quality of your podcast is pristine.

A second full-time edit software suite allows us to eliminate any external noise and turn around projects quickly and on time.

In our podcasting room, when you are recording your podcast, our experienced sound engineers will record and edit your podcast at the highest levels of audio quality and then mix and master in post-production, conducting any required acoustic treatment and finishing with a great professional sounding podcast.

Recording on Location

Whether it's at your office or an event, we can record on location and bring your podcast to life. However, whenever possible, It is recommended to look for professional studio hire that is suitable for podcasting, making sure the audio quality at its best.

Recording Interstate

Do you have interstate guests or staff that need to be on your podcast? A longstanding relationship with ABC enables us access to their recording studios in capital cities and regional centres across Australia.

Recording Overseas and Remotely

No matter where guests are located, in remote regions or overseas, we can reach them. Our broadcasting studio is also fitted with a Tieline IP codec which allows us to connect to guests in radio studios in Australia and internationally.