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A winning formula for podcasting success

Our experienced podcast producers work closely with you at each step of the podcast production process, in our podcast studio in Melbourne, to ensure your podcast is delivered on time and at the highest quality.



Strategy Development

We work with you to develop a detailed audio strategy, including items such as:

To start a podcast, you need to know:

  • The purpose of your podcast, the problem it’s solving, the ‘Why?’
  • Your primary and halo audiences
  • Key messages and frequency of communication
  • Establish the tone and voice of your brand
  • Appropriate distribution channels
  • Sponsor or partnership opportunities
  • Developing and growing an engaged audience
process plan




To position you as leaders in your space, our experienced producers:

  • Conduct extensive research
  • Guest research and scheduling 
  • Source professional talent
  • Prepare interviewees
  • Write questions and developing scripts
  • Schedule interviews and recording sessions
  • Source and audition music


Production centres around the recording and editing process. Our in-house podcast production studio includes state-of-the-art and top quality podcast recording equipment, audio editing software with digital audio workstations and access to other facilities, including: 

  • ProTools HDX Audio System and C24 Control Surface
  • Access to ABC recording studios in capital cities and regional centres across Australia
  • Recording on location with portable equipment
  • Recording digitally with guests anywhere in the world


We produce all audio files to industry-standard, aiming for the highest-quality audio production. Our experienced podcast producers and sound engineers also undertake: 

  • Content, podcast editing and additional script writing
  • Digital editing and ‘cleaning’ of all audio
  • Noise reduction, equalisation (EQ) and compression
  • Adding appropriate sound design, sound effects and music
  • Editing Mixing and mastering
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To ensure your podcast reaches its intended audience, we:

  • Set up a podcast hosting service
  • Write ‘show descriptions’ to accompany each podcast episode
  • Upload episodes, artwork and other metadata to the hosting podcast hosting platform
  • Ensure submit your podcast across podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.
  • Provide episode embed links for publication on your podcast website hosting
  • Promote your content to our social media, email list networks and other podcasts directory

Marketing and Amplification

We help you find and grow an audience of engaged and passionate listeners by:

  • Providing strategic marketing sessions and advice
  • Producing marketing resources using specialised marketing tools
  • Calling on relationships with podcast app curation teams
  • Providing advice on how to make the best use of owned media channels
  • Identifying any appropriate paid marketing opportunities
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Podcast performance tracking has improved markedly, so we can measure and report:

  • Number and location of listeners
  • Subscriber numbers
  • Consumption data and listener habits, i.e. where they stop listening within episodes or at time of day
  • Listener attribution, where the listener has come and where they go to after listening
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