Podcast Benefits

While the term podcasting was first coined in 2004, the medium has come into its own in the last five years.

Podcasting‘s skyrocketing popularity – and proven efficacy and ROI – offer brands and agencies a new way to educate and entertain audiences.

Every brand has a story

Research shows that podcast listenership is growing fast.

Rapid Growth

Research shows the podcast listenership is growing fast.

On Demand

Listeners can tap in whenever and wherever they are, ideal for the time-poor.

Be where your audience is

Meet your audience where they’re increasingly spending time.

Reach new audiences

Being accessible to new listeners can grow your audience base.


Podcasting is an intimate medium through which you can reach your audience.


It allows multitasking, like listening while exercising, cleaning the house or cooking.

Trust & Loyalty

As more people listen longer, the opportunity to share more meaningful, longer-form content, enables audiences to spend more time with your brand, fostering loyalty over time.


Podcasting with SoundCartel offers high-end production quality for much less than traditional media like TV & radio.

Audio has had a rebirth. Thanks to technology we’ve moved from the golden age of radio to the platinum age of podcasting. Like blogs and websites before it, audio is becoming part of a 360-degree communications offering that can’t be ignored.

The data shows exponential increases across all leading metrics; and, with so many brands already investing in the medium, the question isn’t should you consider audio, but why aren’t you?


How does your brand sound?

Having an audio branding strategy ensures that your brand voice is consistent across every touchpoint:

  • What’s the tone of your brand?
  • If you use on-hold-messages, what do they say?
  • Run TV or radio ads? Does the voiceover match the message?
  • Does your brand have a jingle or audio branding?

So, understanding your brand voice and how it translates across your business will impact the quality and message of your podcast.

SoundCartel is an Audio Branding Agency based in Melbourne.  We have over 35 years of experience helping brands craft a unique audio identity.  Contact us today to develop your audio marketing strategy.