S3E1 Regeneration: 2019 is already a big year in podcasting

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As Spotify prepares to invest up to $500 million in podcasting acquisitions in 2019, it’s already shaping up to be huge year in podcasting. What does this all this mean for brands looking to invest in an audio strategy? Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio, joins co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore on a new look and a new sound.

We’ve also had a name change from ‘BE Podcasting’ to ‘Podcasting Essentials’ to reflect our history and to provide more clarity about the content – essential information you need to podcast for your brand or business.

This first episode for 2019, we also discuss:

  • How to get on to Apple Podcast’s New & Noteworthy
  • What constitutes a great-sounding podcast
  • The future of podcasting specifically and audio content more generally