S3E10 The story behind award-winning branded podcast, The Journey

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Marvin Jacobs is the Creative Director of Airborne, the audio company behind The Journey, an outstanding, award-winning podcast from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Chris Ashmore asks Marvin about the idea behind The Journey, the process of extracting and distilling incredible stories and whether the podcast met expectations.

The execution of The Journey exemplifies collaborative bravery and innovation from both client and agency.

Co-hosts Nick and Nicole discuss the importance of utilising experienced interviewers and intriguing speakers, as well as the need for brands to think seriously about their audio strategy.

Also, they explore what’s really behind the 706,000 podcasts that currently exist and Wondery’s $10M Series B raise.

This episode of Podcasting Essentials is presented by Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman of SoundCartel.