S1E11 The genius behind GE’s branded podcast

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Since Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light, GE has always been a trailblazer of innovation. To amplify its vision of being the world’s digital industrial leader, it has embraced new platforms like podcasting to spread the message. That’s according to Joanne Woo, VP Communications, GE Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Decoding Genius is GE’s branded 6-episode podcast which explores the lives of six young geniuses in Australia and around the world. Joanne Woo discusses the success of the GE-branded podcast, produced by Macquarie Media for Fairfax’s agency, Made for Fairfax. It’s one of the most successful branded podcasts in Australia, landing a top-10 ranking on Apple Podcasts for the duration of the six episodes.

Joanne says brands need to have an audio strategy to engage with audiences on a deeper and more intimate level. A thirty-second video on the stories of these young inventors would not do justice to the topic; but, a podcast is an ideal platform to delve deeper into the conversation. She sees audio experiencing significant growth as a platform.

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