Destination Medicine

Regional Training Hubs

How to encourage a medical workforce to choose roles in rural and remote Australia?

The Brief

With more than 64 different medical specialties to choose from in Australia, making the decision to specialise in one, can seem daunting. Regional Training Hubs have been set-up all over Australia to assist medical trainees in making career pathway decisions with confidence.
The Approach
It was decided that a podcast was the perfect medium to reach this audience in a convenient and cost-effective manner. SoundCartel brought key personnel from several of the Regional Training Hubs together for a practical podcast strategy workshop and training session to create an editorial team that could curate content from all over Australia. SoundCartel records interviews with doctors, in remote and rural locations, to create relaxed conversational episodes telling the stories of doctors and their journeys to rural medicine. SoundCartel has guided the editorial team through the creation of the Destination Medicine podcast brand and the development of a dedicated website for the podcast.
Doctors considering a career in rural Australia now have a growing resource of real stories to listen to from those that have lived the experience, delivered via a convenient medium that suits their busy work lives.
“Nick and the team at SoundCartel know their stuff. They’ve held our hand all the way through the planning, recording and launching of our Destination Medicine podcast. They are reliable, professional and always available for advice.”
– Justine Brindle, Regional Training Hub Project Officer, The University of Sydney