RACS Post Op Podcast

RACS X Bongiorno National Network

Building trust and value in the conservative world of surgery

The Brief

As a major player in financial advisory services to the medical profession, the Bongiorno National Network was keen to secure its position and continue to grow in this highly competitive market. At the same time, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) was looking to improve communication channels with its Fellows. By nature, the medical industry is conservative and cautious about who to trust. So how could the Bongiorno National Network and RACS overcome that trust barrier and build engagement?
The Approach
The pairing couldn’t have been more perfect. We brought the Bongiorno National Network and RACS together and presented an audio solution – a fortnightly podcast offering valuable information to both surgical Fellows and Trainees embarking on their specialty careers. RACS Post-Op Podcast was born, with the Bongiorno National Network as sponsor and contributor of valuable financial information. It cemented the relationship of the two organisations and opened up a communications channel to an audience that both were very much wanting to reach. A podcast was a great solution as it offers information that can be accessed at the surgeons’ convenience – an important aspect given the intensely busy nature of surgeons’ work.
The fortnightly RACS Post-Op Podcast has been a long-running success over several years. The audience continues to grow both among surgeons and, significantly, capturing the emerging market of trainees as they set off in in their careers. By offering relevant, timely and reliable information on a regular basis, under the auspices of RACS, the Bongiorno National Network has become a recognised, trusted provider of financial advice and services to surgeons. And the ongoing nature of the podcast becomes a regular reminder of the RACS and Bongiorno name.
“We’ve been working with the team at SoundCartel for more than a decade to produce a podcast for RACS Fellows. It’s so reassuring knowing each fortnightly episode will be delivered on time and with the same attention to detail. I’ve found the team very responsive and always willing to come up with ideas on how we can keep the podcasts fresh and engaging.”
– Abderazzaq Noor, Manager, Communications & Advocacy at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons