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Since 1984, SoundCartel has produced scores of bespoke audio programs and podcasts for some of Australia’s leading brands.

It’s not just our passion for podcasting, but developing trust and strong client relationships that make it possible to produce the work that we love.

We invite you to explore our collection of audio production projects that represent innovation and expertise at its finest.

Our work speaks for itself.
You just have to listen.

Experience the magic of podcast storytelling, where each episode brings stories to life through captivating sound and emotions. Explore the synergy of brand alignment, as we expertly bring brands and their unique audio identities together for an authentic resonance.

Explore our immersive soundscapes, where audio experiences transcend boundaries, creating captivating environments that transport listeners beyond sound. Discover the impactful voiceover expertise that breathes life into scripts, infusing them with depth and resonance.

Step into the world of SoundCartel – a legacy of precision and creativity woven into every project.