Judicial Life

Judicial College of Victoria

How to deliver cogent discussions relevant to judicial officers

The Brief

Following a significant rebranding exercise, the Judicial College of Victoria decided to add a podcast to its education resources to increase reach and engagement with judicial officers, through conversations and stories relevant to their role and life in the law.
The Approach
The Judicial College of Victoria education team was heavily involved in the production process. The initial steps of engagement involved SoundCartel facilitating two hands-on workshops, the first on developing the podcast strategy, and a second to train the team on preparing for podcast interviews. A highly collaborative approach was used to confirm the name, artwork, format and tone of the pilot podcast series – ‘Judicial Life’. SoundCartel arranged all recording and post-production. Caroline Craig was selected to host the conversational style series. The nature of the discussions means the podcast is delivered privately to judicial officers via the Judicial College of Victoria website.
The pilot series of ‘Judicial Life’ has been very well received by judicial officers with many providing positive feedback to the college. So much so that the editorial team at the Judicial Life of Victoria is in the planning stages of developing a second series.
Producing a podcast for judicial officers required patience and attention to detail, which is exactly what SoundCartel delivered. From thorough strategic and training advice, through to the challenges of recording during a pandemic, to delivering the highest quality final podcast, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative approach from the SoundCartel team – first class in every way!”
– Annabel Mornement, Director Education, Judicial College of Victoria