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A podcast for brands that want to understand how to enhance their messaging, engage audiences, reach new markets and grow their business through the power of podcasting.

Listen each fortnight as co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman talk to industry leaders, discuss news, trends, technology and guide brands through this exciting growth medium.

S5 E9 Want more podcast listeners? Forget marketing shortcuts

Fast, wiz-bang marketing strategies often look great, but to really grow a podcast audience, slow and steady wins the race. Jeremy Enns, CEO of Counterweight Creative, joins co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman to discuss the keys to audience growth – starting early, consistent engagement and standing out from the crowd.

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S5 E8 What’s news? With James Cridland

Rather than hear podcasting industry news second hand from us, we thought we’d give it to you straight from James Cridland, Editor at Podnews.net James talks to Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about the new addition of podcast paid subscriptions, is Apple or Spotify winning the race to podcast domination, the industry antics of podcasting’s own Wolf of Wall Street, and a shift in monetisation – making it easier for producers to earn money!

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S5 E6 Data driving podcast audience growth

Podcast tracking and measurement tools are developing rapidly, providing data-driven direction for brands and producers alike. Dave Zohrob, co-founder of Chartable, talks to co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about analytics, attribution and how Chartable is enabling the growth of podcast audiences.

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S5 E1 The why and how of podcasting in 2021

So, you’re considering adding a podcast to your marketing mix this year, but are you 100% sure why and how to start?

Podcasting has proven to be pandemic proof – with the number of new podcasts started in 2020, triple that of the year before, and new listeners grew exponentially.

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S4 E13 Spotify – bold podcasting moves and myth busting

In just two years, Spotify has taken a big bite out of Apple’s podcast listening audience. Prithi Dey is Podcast Partner Manager for Spotify Australia and she talks to Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about Spotify’s goal to dominate the space, whilst giving back to podcast creators and listeners alike.

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S4E7 Behind the numbers

What’s happening in Australian podcasting and how does it compare to podcasting in the US?

In this episode, Larry Rosin, President of New Jersey-based, Edison Research joins Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman to dig into the numbers behind The Infinite Dial Australia, 2020.

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S4E6 The skills of a sound medium

Ralph Van Dijk “sold his soul to audio” many years ago and he’s happy he did. Ralph is Founder and Creative Director of Eardrum, an award-winning, audio agency based in  Sydney and Belgium, which he initially founded thirty years ago in London.

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S4E2 Podcast Predictions in a coronavirus world

The April outlook for 2020 is a very different beast to what it was in January this year. Sharon Taylor, MD of Omny Studio, joins Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman to discuss the latest in podcasting, the potential impact of the coronavirus, and Sharon makes some bold industry predictions.

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S4E1 A Passion for Podcast Descriptions

In our first episode of Podcasting Essentials season 4, Andrew Davies, Digital and Engagement Editor at ABC Audio Studios, chats with Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about podcast promotion, discoverability and his topic of passion – podcast descriptions and titles.

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S3E20 Podcast marketing advice from a network CMO

There are many things that go into developing a successful podcast, essential however are building strong relationships, creating great content and developing stand-out marketing.

Who better to talk to about this than Chief Marketing Officer Pam Kramer who has just spent four years with Cadence 13 in the US.

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S3E17 Insights from a Master Podcaster

Podcasting officially began in 2004, the same year that Rob Greenlee, moved from radio into the podcast space. Today, Rob is VP of Content and Partnerships at Libsyn, co-host of the New Media Show, and an Inductee into the Podcast Hall of Fame.

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S3E5 Outstanding quality content in an ocean of podcasts

How does a podcast stand out from a crowd of 700,000 or so that now exist?

Don’t do what everyone else is doing: quality production and a narrative form of storytelling helps build engagement from the get-go, according to Steve Pratt co-founder of Pacific Content, producers of some of the world’s best-known branded podcasts.

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