S5 E20 Summer Series: The why and how of podcasting in 2021

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SUMMER SERIES: 2021 saw continued progress in podcasting, despite the ongoing pandemic. So let’s look back on our predictions for the year – did more brands take our advice and embrace the medium?

So, you’re considering adding a podcast to your marketing mix this year, but are you 100% sure why and how to start?

Podcasting has proven to be pandemic proof – with the number of new podcasts started in 2020, triple that of the year before, and new listeners grew exponentially. So, for most brands, the question isn’t should you have a podcast, it’s how bold and creative are you willing to be with your podcast?

Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman discuss podcasting’s seven-year itch, the call for brands to be bold and answer the all-important ‘why’ and ‘how’ to start a podcast for your business.