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A podcast for brands that want to understand how to enhance their messaging, engage audiences, reach new markets and grow their business through the power of podcasting.

Listen each fortnight as co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman talk to industry leaders, discuss news, trends, technology and guide brands through this exciting growth medium.

S5 E14 Podcasting the Crooked way

Crooked Media is the podcast network best known for its flagship podcast Pod Save America. The show not only boasts extraordinary download numbers but has an enviable record of producing some of the most listened to, host-read ads in the business.

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S5 E12 UK podcasting – a world away but not that far apart

In this episode we head to little Britain to find out what’s happening with their BIG growth in podcasting. Jake Warren, Founder and CEO of Bristol-based agency, Message Heard, talks to co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about the UK podcasting scene, branded podcasting and his keys to making successful, original audio.

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S5 E10 Rethinking podcast reviews and calls-to-action

Rating and reviewing a podcast won’t help it get to the top of the Apple Podcast charts! Now that that’s clear, Andrew Davies, Digital and Engagement Editor at ABC Audio Studios and Radio National, chats to co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman about how you should be thinking about calls-to-action.

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S5 E9 Want more podcast listeners? Forget marketing shortcuts

Fast, wiz-bang marketing strategies often look great, but to really grow a podcast audience, slow and steady wins the race. Jeremy Enns, CEO of Counterweight Creative, joins co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman to discuss the keys to audience growth – starting early, consistent engagement and standing out from the crowd.

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