Off The Plan

Delivering a best-practise podcast to an established, best-practise brand

The Brief

With an already recognised name in the property market, and with access to experts across the full gamut of property issues, how should the REA Group ( extend its reach, to make sure its developer market audience had convenient access to quality information – using communications channels where more and more people were heading, while providing information which would, in turn, help build trust and enhance reputation?
The Approach
A regular, easily accessible podcast series showcasing the best of the best of property experts from Australia, offering succinct and practical information of value to apartment developers, land developers, home builders and project marketers in the Australian property industry. All recorded in SoundCartel’s in-house studio which was a practical and high quality solution of critical importance to SoundCartel has played a role in advising on the website delivery of the podcast which has executed in a highly engaging manner.
OFF THE PLAN has helped REA extend its reputation and reach to the fast-growing audience of podcast listeners. The Group is seen to be innovative, embracing new technology to reach and build a growing audience, to be generous in providing information of real value at no cost, all the while consolidating its reputation and leading position in the highly competitive fast-changing property world.
“We were looking for an audio agency with an in-house studio that could produce a podcast to the standard of all our REA comms. It’s a seamless process at SoundCartel and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of our OFF-THE-PLAN podcast. We were amazed at how quick and easy the process actually is to launch a podcast, and our audience has responded really positively.”
– Lucy Hammond,