The Healthy Habit Hotseat

Loz Life

A podcast to transform bodies, minds and businesses by optimising daily habits

The Brief

Loz Antonenko is the CEO of Loz Life and a Healthy Habit Coach, who wants to help her followers live healthier and happier lives. So, she decided that sharing in-depth conversations with health experts from around the world, via a podcast, would add significant value. But she needed the technical skills to achieve this goal.
The Approach
Loz approached SoundCartel to conduct a podcast strategy and training session to arm her with the skills to prepare, conduct and record podcast interviews with her guests. SoundCartel then carries out the post-production of each fortnightly episode and works with the Loz Life team to distribute the podcast.
‘The Heathy Habit Hotseat’ podcast has included fascinating local and international guests such as Dr Demartini and has been very well received by a growing audience of health enthusiasts. One listener commenting, “Loz’s podcast is fab! Her energy and enthusiasm for healthy living is a joy to listen to and the tips are super helpful. Love it!!”
“I’m absolutely loving this process! I’ve learned a huge amount from the SoundCartel team, I’m confident in my approach to the podcast and can relax about letting SoundCartel weave their magic and produce fantastic episodes for me.”
– Loz Antonenko, CEO, Loz Life