Big Sis Pod

The Big Sis Movement

An ex radio host uses podcasting to empower women

The Brief

The Big Sis Movement was founded by Karen Mason to empower females to know their worth in relationships, career and self. Karen is an experienced radio host who knows the power of audio, but this was her first foray into the world of podcasting. So, Karen approached SoundCartel as a production partner to help create and launch The Big Sis Pod.
The Approach
The Big Sis Pod features inspiring women who are purpose-driven and experts in fields, often not discussed in mainstream media. As the host of the podcast, Karen is a regular in the SoundCatel studio, either bringing guests with her or connecting to them from around Australia or overseas. SoundCartel works with The Big Sis Movement team to edit, mix and master episodes and handle distribution, via the Omny Studio hosting platform, to a growing audience of women looking to become the best version of themselves.
Soon after its launch in early 2018, the Big Sis Pod was featured in Apple Podcasts which immediately attracted a large audience. Three seasons on, the Big Sis Pod has helped The Big Sis Movement grow its sisterhood of like-minded females into a community that support one another.
“As an ex radio host, I didn’t think podcasting would be that difficult, but I soon realised it’s a very different world to live broadcasting. I’m so grateful for the team at SoundCartel because their industry knowledge is truly second to none. The successful launch of the Big Sis Pod would never have happened without them. I have so much fun working with them all and love coming in to use their professional sound studio.”
– Karen Mason, Founder of The Big Sis Movement