Sound Minds

Reason Studios

A podcast for music makers, by music makers

The Brief

Reason Studios approached SoundCartel to produce a podcast that would accompany their two-pronged marketing strategy 1. Appeal to their audience of loyal Reason users – mainly males, 40+ with a tech and production focus, and 2. Reach out to a broader audience of younger, female musicians and producers, trying to make it in the music industry.
The Approach
The idea of speaking to musicians who’ve experienced career success or who are on their way up seemed to make the most sense. In many ways, these artists become mentors for the listener – from revealing what inspired them to start, being open about challenging times and impacts on mental health, to how each artist views the concept of ‘making it, in an exceptionally competitive industry.Reason Studios is a software platform for music creators, based in Swedish. Singer, journalist and host of ‘Sound Minds’, Grace McCallum, lived in Sweden for five years and works for Reason Studios. She’s also crossed paths, at some point, with each of the six artists featured on the first season of ‘Sound Minds’.While the episodes are interview format, it’s kept lively with terrific artists and a warm, fun connection between Grace and the guests.Each episode also includes a quickfire round of questions – James Lipton style (The Actors Studio) – where listeners will find out some very quirky bits of information!To support each artist and offer the audience a chance to listen to their work and music that’s inspired them, a Sound Minds Spotify and Apple playlist has been put together.
The podcast exceeded expectations, with thousands of downloads and lots of social engagement. The support from the Reason Studios audience and fans of the artists was incredible. A huge marketing effort from the Reason team also helped to strongly promote the launch and successive fortnightly episodes, using videos, audiograms, email newsletters, social media posts, stories, etc.
“From inception to launch, SoundCartel has been with Reason Studios on the journey to produce the Sound Minds podcast. As a music company, we know the power of audio better than most, but we were new to podcasting and needed to find the perfect partners to make our visions a reality. We felt supported every step of the way by the SoundCartel team and Nicole Goodman went above and beyond to make this podcast a complete success. From conceptualising, troubleshooting and answering questions, nothing was ever too much trouble. I’d highly recommend getting SoundCartel onboard your next podcasting project.”
– Grace McCallum, Creative Communications Manager, Reason Studios