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Winston Churchill Trust

Igniting passion for innovation and change through inspiring stories from those who have done it.

The Brief

Since 1965, The Winston Churchill Trust has awarded Churchill Fellowships, in honour of Sir Winston Churchill, to Australians from all walks of life to conduct research overseas in their chosen field. They return to share their knowledge in Australia.The Trust wanted to expand awareness of Fellowship opportunities, so approached SoundCartel to produce a podcast that reveals the compelling stories of Churchill Fellows.
The Approach
After facilitating a thorough podcast strategy workshop with key stakeholders from the Winston Churchill Trust, it was decided that for these stories to have the most impact, a narrative-interview style would be best suited. A host shortlist was created, and we were thrilled to secure Adam Spencer in the role. Well known for his intellect, wit and humour, and being recognisable by the core audience, he is a perfect fit for the podcast.SoundCartel producers worked with the Winston Churchill Trust to shortlist the first 12 Fellows for Season One. Research and detailed briefs were prepared, before recording took place via a Sydney studio to maintain the highest quality audio.Narrative scripting, strong editing and sound design brings each story to life in a really engaging, and emotive way.The podcast artwork was created as part of our broader launch package which included the production of a series trailer and audiograms for social media amplification.
The first handful of episodes have already explored a broad range of fascinating areas of study by Churchill Fellows, which will no doubt be invigorating a new generation of applicants wanting to learn globally and inspire locally.
“I have been very pleased to work with SoundCartel. We’ve made the start of a very wonderful and successful podcast which is already receiving very positive feedback from listeners. Their writing and editing through to production and distribution is a of a very high level. I trust them implicitly and know that the quality is of international standards, and is by far the best work I’ve found in Australia.”
– Rachel Sirr, Communication Manager, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust