How to be a guest on a quality podcast aimed at your market

A great way to market your business is by contributing to an existing podcast as a guest speaker.

As producers of several podcasts and audio programs, we often receive requests from consultants, entrepreneurs and business people to be interviewed. If the topic is right for our market, we’ll be open to interviewing you. So what makes the right fit?

We’ve identified 6 keys to determine if you’re worth interviewing for our audio shows.

1. Is the topic right for the podcast?

Obviously, you should listen to the podcast or program you wish to be on so that you get an understanding of the kinds of topics the show has.

2. Is the audience right?

We receive a lot of requests from business authors to be on our Business Essentials audio magazine. Many of those authors are targeting decision-makers at big corporations with multi-layered systems and hierarchies.

If you can tweak the message for a small business, and cut the jargon that big corporates are used to, then you’ll have more traction with our small business listeners.

3. A new angle or timely information

If you have a new twist on something that’s been in the news, it would make for an interesting podcast chat. For example, we interviewed marketing guru, Sarah Mitchell on the American Airlines public relations disaster. It was a timely reminder for all in business on what to do during a PR crisis.

4. Online examples – videos or audio.

Ensure you have audio or video examples of yourself speaking. We will have a look at your website to find any examples of you talking. If you’re personable and can articulate yourself in an interesting and engaging way, you’ll be worth considering.

5. Can you provide us with written material?

To get an idea of what you want to talk about, we would need something more substantial than a topic heading. We don’t know you and we don’t know or understand the topic as well as you do. So, we need you to provide us with a blog, white paper or book on the topic you wish to speak about. From that material, we will formulate questions.

6. Don’t make it difficult

Like any media organisation, make it as easy as possible for your podcast hosts. Provide us with as much (not too much) relevant information that we need to understand what you can provide to an audio interview, and to make it go smoothly. Also, provide a list of several times/dates that you are available from which we can choose.

Final thoughts

Podcasting is a great way to get in front of your target market and should be a part of every business person’s marketing strategy. Done properly, it can provide you with deep engagement and increase your exposure. The more you do, the more confident you’ll feel and be better at it.

And remember, podcasters, like the media in general, is always looking for engaging and interesting stories to tell. So, don’t be shy. And good luck!