We’re stepping out to announce a stunning rebrand, renaming as SoundCartel

Like most of the world, we’ve been isolating ourselves in our casual, elastic-waist wear. But we’ve been busy building something beautiful, runway-ready and representative of who we really are and what we really do.

Today marks the most significant rebrand in the 36-year history of BE Media Production, as we unveil our new name, SoundCartel.

The overhaul includes a fresh look and feel, a striking new logo and a brand spanking new website. The changes have been driven largely by increased growth and opportunities in this new era of audio.

While it might seem like a remarkable outward change, the fundamentals of the agency remain the same. From our in-house studio, (recording remotely during COVID-19 restrictions), our highly experienced and growing team will continue to produce quality podcasts for brands.

“We’ve always been a leader in this space, but we’ve done so quietly and without fuss,” said Managing Director, Nick Schildberger.

“The new brand identity is a commitment to our current and future clients of the passion and professionalism we bring to producing the finest audio content.”

The name SoundCartel reflects an edgy, exciting journey ahead for the business but it’s also a commentary on the close-knit team.

“We’re a ‘cartel’ of audio experts – writers, journos, top-notch technical experts and highly experienced audio strategists,” Schildberger said. “We’re a very close team and our way, always, is to work collaboratively with clients too. For the duration of the project, they become part of our cartel.”

But why during a pandemic would we even attempt a rebrand? “These are absolutely strange times,” acknowledged Schildberger. “We’ve spoken about the positives of continuing to market through a crisis, so in many ways, we’re practising what we preach.”

“We also see this as a time to help businesses maintain or even grow their own brand voice through podcasting, a rapidly growing and cost-effective medium.” The MD added.

We were going to launch with a bang and have a SoundCartel launch party, with lots of people, food and drink. You know, how people used to gather pre coronavirus?

Well, the party’s on hold but you can help us celebrate by checking out the new website and following us @soundcartelau on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

And of course, if you’re interested in reaching your audience through podcasting, give us a call on +61 3 9882 8333, we’d love to hear from you.