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Podcasting Essentials

A podcast for brands that want to understand how to enhance their messaging, engage audiences, reach new markets and grow their business through the power of podcasting.

Listen each fortnight as co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman talk to industry leaders, discuss news, trends, technology and guide brands through this exciting growth medium.

S1E11 The genius behind GE’s branded podcast

Since Thomas Edison’s invention of the incandescent light, GE has always been a trailblazer of innovation. To amplify its vision of being the world’s digital industrial leader, it has embraced new platforms like podcasting to spread the message.

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S1E7 Mamamia’s podcasting network is taking the world by storm

With more than 18 weekly podcasts and close to 20 million downloads, Mamamia is the world’s largest women’s podcast network. Kylie Rogers, Managing Director of Mamamia Women’s Network, explains why the company has embraced podcasting, and how it’s been instrumental to Mamamia’s extraordinary growth in recent years.

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S1E4 The power of podcasting for brands

The opportunity for brands and advertisers in the podcasting space is very healthy as Australian audiences become increasingly aware of the new medium. We speak with Corey Layton of Whooshkaa, who’s very upbeat about the industry and how companies can be creative in conversing with new and existing markets.

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