Special Episode: Do you have a podcasting strategy?

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One of the most effective tools to promote your brand is podcasting. In this special episode, we hear from some of the most respected voices in commercial podcasting. What makes it so attractive for audiences? How do you make a good one? And why are organisations embracing audio content now to engage more effectively with consumers?

We provide case studies of Australian brands which understand the unique pulling power of podcasting, including GE with its podcast Decoding Genius, fertility clinic Genea and its utility-based audio content Modern Babies, and online media network, Mamamia, which continues to expand its plethora of podcasts.

We uncover what podcasting is all about, why a podcasting strategy helps provides an authentic and sincere voice for your brand, and how to get your target market to discover your content. As more people habitually consume podcasts, the opportunities audio content provides businesses and other organisations is huge. First step is to build a podcasting strategy.

Our list of speakers include:

  • Corey Layton, Whooshkaa
  • Kylie Rogers, Mamamia Women’s Network
  • Bec Kempster, Digital Strategist
  • Nick Quah, US Commentator
  • James Cridland, Radio Futurologist
  • Peter Gearin, Brand Tales
  • Sharon Taylor, Omny Studio
  • Courtney Carthy, Nearly Media
  • Joanne Woo, GE Australia
  • Rob Walch, Libsyn
  • Josh Butt, Modern Babies
  • Andrew Sidwell, Content Strategist

Our timeline of topics:

0:00 Introduction
1:07 What is podcasting?
2:48 Why is podcasting so attractive for audiences?
5:22 Why brands are finding podcasting effective
8:13 A case study of Decoding Genius, a GE-branded podcast
10:18 Mamamia’s embrace of podcasting
11:36 How podcasting is an authentic and intimate form of story-telling
12:47 Podcasting’s ROI
15.33 Utility-based content for brands
17:32 How do you make a high-quality podcast?
21:00 An amplification strategy – how do get people to listen
22:03 Final thoughts

More Information

Decoding Genius, a 6-part podcast from GE

Mamamia Women’s Network

Modern Babies, a utility-based podcast for fertility clinic, Genea

TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday), Shopify’s branded podcast