Why podcasting is so attractive for advertisers: Nick Quah

Leading podcast industry commentator Nick Quah says there are two major reasons why podcasting is rewarding for advertisers.

“One is this notion that you have not only a captive audience, you have an audience that explicitly chose to consume the thing. This is a space in which the audience is right for an interaction of the advertiser. They will listen to an hour-long conversation that’s very compelling and they would sort of stumble into the advertising experiences in a way that is meaningful to them.

“The second thing, is a little bit more, it’s also embedded to this notion of intimacy. The role of the host, then the role of the narrator, and the role of the voice is huge in the experience of podcast programming, in general, and the sort of endorsement model, right?

“The whole thing that I think media is struggling with right now is this notion of trust and a notion of a relationship with the media source. And I think within podcasting, the existence of trust is particularly strong between listener and creator. And I think that is something that is valuable to advertisers.”

Headshot of Nick Quah commentating on advertisers
Leading American commentator on the podcasting industry, Nick Quah

Nick Quah was speaking to BE Media Production‘s Chris Ashmore in episode 2, host of BE Podcasting, Australia’s leading podcast on the Australian podcast industry.

For those interested in following Nick’s insights into the podcasting industry, then check out his blog, Hot Pod News.