What you should know about Apple’s New & Noteworthy Chart

When is a chart not a chart? When it’s Apple’s New & Noteworthy Chart.

According to podcasting aficionado, James Cridland, “this iTunes Chart is not a chart.” Apple’s New & Noteworthy Chart is not a chart in the true sense of the word as it doesn’t take into account total downloads or subscriptions.

At the second annual Australia Podcast Conference OzPod 2017 in Sydney, Cridland revealed that, “Apple have built this chart to reflect trends and to surface new and interesting podcasts.” However, no one, other than those programming the algorithm within the Apple fortress, seems to know how it works.

In episode 6 of BE Podcasting we quizzed Omny Studio CEO, Sharon Taylor, about her understanding of how the ‘chart’ works. She revealed “It seems to come down to interactions and spikes in your show. So if you go from 0 subscribers to 400 subscribers, that’s a massive increase which will move you up in the charts.”

There is a person at Apple tasked with the responsibility of compiling this chart. We understand that the podcasts they choose are informed by companies like Whooshkaa, Acast, Pocket Casts and Omny Studio who act as a filter for the content. There’s an expectation that these companies will push good content, rather than poor quality podcasts or overtly branded content in order to protect their very important relationships with Apple.

So why have the chart?

When we asked the OzPod 2017 panel this question, Adam Martin Chief Content Officer at Acast, raised the credible point that, “It’s the same as reading a magazine, where the magazine has an editor and the content within it is curated. It doesn’t devalue it in anyway, it just short circuits the information you’re getting.”

More importantly what can you do to increase the likelihood you make the chart?

Taylor did provide the following advice for those pursuing a listing:

  • It’s critical to pre-promote your show.
  • You want to have a massive fan base that is waiting for this. Drop episodes at special times and ensure you have strong social media engagement.
  • Have the best audio production that you can – Apple won’t promote something that sounds like it has been recorded in your office.
  • The podcast must have great artwork that looks good in the iTunes store.

If you’d like us to conduct a review on what you need to do to improve your chances of getting on Apple’s New & Noteworthy Chart then please contact us