What’s the best way to distribute your podcast?

A common question we are asked when we are recording podcasts for businesses in our Melbourne podcast studio, is “How to I distribute and promote my podcast?”.

While producing a podcast can theoretically be as simple as pressing record on your smartphone, often the tricky part is how to best distribute what you’ve created.

Because Apple is by far the most widely used app for podcasts in the market, you really need to ensure your podcast is available on Apple’s platform.

1. Apple iTunes

As Libsyn‘s Rob Walch says, “If you don’t have an RSS feed and you’re not in iTunes, you are not a podcast.” Though that’s technically not true, of course, it’s what the majority of podcasters do.

You can submit your podcast directly through Apple itself, which creates the all-important RSS feed on its platform. It’s a matter of following the steps Apple kindly provides.

Not everyone uses Apple’s podcast app to listen to podcasts, though. You need to accommodate users of other smartphones, like Android, who listen to podcasts on different podcast apps, including Pocket Casts, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic, the list is endless.

Many of these podcast apps simply grab the podcast’ RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from the hundreds of thousands of podcasts on Apple. All the more reason to ensure your podcast is on Apple.

But, if you wish to host your audio content on your own website, Apple doesn’t provide this option.

Many listeners will listen immediately upon the discovery of a podcast. In fact, according to Omny Studio, 31% of podcast episodes are listened from its podcast player online.

Hosting platforms allow you to embed a slick podcast player in your webpage, as well as share your audio content on social media.

Here are just a small selection of some of the more popular hosting platforms we recommend to distribute your podcast on, including those with free plans include (Whooshkaa, audioBoom, and SoundCloud) platforms that offer monthly or yearly plans (Omny Studio and Libsyn).

2. Whooshkaa

This Australian podcasting platform was founded by Macquarie Radio Network’s former Managing Director Rob Loewenthal. The easy-to-use publishing platform offers free hosting and allows advertising for independent podcasters.

3. audioBoom

Headquartered in London, with branch offices in Melbourne, New York and Mumbai, this platform is an end-to-end solution for hosting, publishing, and distributing audio content.

4. SoundCloud

Having been through financial difficulties in 2017 – and most commonly associated with music – SoundCloud still provides hosting and distribution services for podcasts.

5. Omny Studio

Melbourne-based podcast distribution platform, Omny Studio’s focus from the beginning has been helping radio stations repurpose their content. Major labels using Omny’s platform includes CBS, Southern Cross Austereo and Macquarie Media.

6. Libsyn

Libsyn – or Liberated Syndication – is the world’s largest podcast network, boasting 35,000+ podcasts, 62 million audience members and 4.6 billion podcast downloads since 2016. Popular in the United States, Libsyn offers basic plans from US$5 a month to larger plans with tailored podcasting apps.

If you’d like advice on how to distribute your podcast effectively, then let’s schedule a time to chat.