S1E3 Secrets to making money from podcasting

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If you’re not already famous, forget the third-party advertising route to making money. We interview Aussie podcasters who through trial and error have separately landed on a successful business model.

Mysterious Universe (MU) blends high-quality sound design with compelling content on the weird and paranormal, presented by two hilariously entertaining chaps from their recording studio in Sydney. Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy are living the dream by turning MU into a fulltime business. Despite a million downloads a month, the bulk of their income is generated not from advertising, but from paid members.

Podcasting doyen, Cameron Reilly, too, has created several podcasts under The Podcast Network (TPN) umbrella, including the famous Life of Caesar, Life of Alexander the Great and The Cold War. Cameron shares his secrets on tapping into a tribe of hard-core fans to achieve monetary success.