S4 E20 Summer Series: The skills of a sound medium

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SUMMER SERIES: We find ourselves in a new golden age of audio. There’s a thirst for knowledge of all things sound and how to mould it for ravenous audiences. So we thought we’d bring back Ralph Van Dijk who delves into his vast reserves of knowledge and paints a picture, in sound.

Ralph Van Dijk “sold his soul to audio” many years ago and he’s happy he did. Ralph is Founder and Creative Director of Eardrum, an award-winning, creative agency based in Sydney and Belgium, which he initially founded thirty years ago in London.

Along with SoundCartel Producer Chris Ashmore, he discusses podcasting today and breaks down the importance of sound to “excite and intrigue the ear and build emotion.”

Co-hosts Nick Schildberger and Nicole Goodman also discuss sound-as-a-skill, Apple hitting over 1.1million podcasts and Spotify putting the industry on notice with another massive acquisition.