Why digital platforms should consider podcasting to grow members –

As podcasting becomes mainstream, digital platforms are set to benefit a lot more than other industries from its engaging nature.

Digital strategist, Bec Kempster, discusses why that is and profiles some digital platforms which are already using podcasts to talk with their online communities.

“Digital platforms by their very nature can be quite impersonal,” says Bec. “You’re handing over information, there’s no voice, there’s no touch. And depending how much information you can access on your fellow members, there’s not a lot of connection that goes on.

“And that’s why the human voice in podcasting creates this much-needed emotional connection that will actually create loyal members who are more likely to engage with your platform more often.

“This is what creates long-term relationships.”

She says a plethora of digital platforms are all competing for the same consumer – particularly people who are looking for an online marketplace to sell second-hand items.

“How do these platforms stand out from the crowd? It’s by creating a sense of engagement and loyalty that the human voice of podcasting allows that will help do this.”

How can digital platforms use podcasting?

Bec insists there are a variety of digital platforms can approach with podcasting to engage and build with online audiences.

  • Member profiles such as sellers, within a community, building both the sellers’ and the platform’s credibility in the process
  • Success stories of business growth and engagement from users
  • Strategy discussions to get the most out of the platform or marketplace
  • Educate and promote new features
  • Build a library of evergreen content

Who’s doing this well?

American digital platforms are leading the pack and embracing podcasting, with enormous long-term results. Bec provides just few examples of those doing it well.

Shopify have a great podcast called Thank God It’s Monday and they dub it the essential podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs. They’re bringing people inspirational stories from the world’s top entrepreneurs,” says Bec. “And for them it’s about owning the entrepreneur space and providing advice for users of their platform and potential users of their platform.”

Another example is The Distance podcast by Basecamp, an online project management tool. “Let’s face it,” says Bec. “It’s quite a competitive space these days, with the likes of Trello, Atlassian, Asana.”

“So, what The Distance looks to do is spotlight that longevity in business. So, they only profile stories about businesses that have been in operation for more than 25 years.”

“And for them it’s about hero-ing those human stories that talk about the joys and struggles of about building business over time.”

Leading social media management tool Hootsuite is another example. Its podcast, Hootcast, explores the unexpected ways to use social for your business.

“In each episode, they’ll include insider strategies from inspirational brands…with tips on how to put these learnings in to action.”

“It’s a very practical suite of content which provides those in business with tips and strategies on how to use social media.”

“It is case-study based, and what that really does is to create trust. So, it cements in the listener’s mind that Hootsuite are the experts in social media and when businesses are looking to step-up their social media activity and ultimately looking to take on a platform they naturally put Hootsuite at the top of that list as they’ve developed a relationship with the brand and hosts.”

Bec Kempster’s interview is from Episode 8 of BE Podcasting – Engage Your Audience.