Step into our insightful podcast blog series, where we plunge into the dynamic realm of podcasts and their remarkable potential to fuel business growth. In an era where effective communication is paramount and captivating content reigns supreme, podcasts have emerged as transformative tools for businesses across the spectrum.

Our objective is to spotlight the diverse benefits that podcasts bring, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how they can elevate your brand, foster connections with your audience, and amplify the impact of your message. These podcast blogs are meticulously crafted to offer actionable insights that can revolutionize your marketing and outreach strategies.

How to prepare for a podcast interview

How to prepare for a podcast interview

A podcast is only as good as the content that’s in it. Sounds obvious, right? Well, if yours – like the vast majority – is an interview-style podcast, the content rests almost entirely on the shoulders of your guest and what they have to say.

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Podcasting proves popular and pandemic proof

Podcasting proves popular & pandemic-proof

2020 was the year the world changed, with COVID-19 upending the way we work, commute and play.

We learned how to stock up on toilet paper well before panic sets in, we discovered how to keep the kids occupied while we’re stuck on Zoom meetings, and we found new ways to entertain ourselves at home.

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What's ahead for podcasing 2021?

SoundCartel’s Podcasting Predictions for 2021 – and Beyond

Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.

Niels Bohr, Danish physicist.


Podcasting in 2020 had its biggest year ever. By December 2020, more than 41.9 million podcast episodes were available; 1.68 million podcasts were published on Apple Podcasts, a three-fold increase from two years prior; and the number of monthly listeners jumped 32% from the year before.

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