How podcasting fits with your marketing strategy

Q&A with Janine Pares

How does podcasting, as a form of content marketing, help brands build deeper engagement and awareness in a saturated market? We ask one of Australia’s leaders in content marketing, Janine Pares, what makes podcasting special and how to tie it in with your overall marketing strategy.

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The future of podcasting starts now!

Despite it being around since 2004, it’s now that businesses are really starting to discover how powerful podcasting can be as a marketing strategy.

That’s according to Evo Terra, podcaster, broadcaster, consultant, and co-author of the original Podcasting for Dummies.

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Podcasting for your business: what’s your goal?

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

Brands are embracing podcasting like never before. They understand they can engage more deeply with their audience, educate the market, and provide a voice for their brand.

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