S1E9 The making of a branded podcast

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If you’re looking to build better brand engagement and brand awareness, podcasting might just be the medium to do that. That’s according to Josh Butt, executive producer of ‘Modern Babies’. Josh and co-host, Jess Hamilton, worked with Nova Entertainment to create a branded, utility-based podcast for the Australian fertility group, Genea.

Josh goes through the steps involved in putting the high-quality, 10-episode series together, and he discusses why podcasting in particular allows a brand to build affinity with an audience by sitting at the start of a consumer journey. He says a great thing about podcasting is you lose a lot of bias: if you hear a story about someone you’ll feel differently than if you saw it, and so podcasting provides an opportunity for story-telling.

Presented by Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore.

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